Conquered Depression and Greatly Improved Strength!

Submitted by: Violet Gheletca

Sherry's Success Story

I hired a personal trainer to assist me with a workout that would best suit my level of fitness and my fitness needs. I wanted a program that would benefit my body and weight loss goals, and I needed to build my strength and endurance. I also needed the motivation of a personal trainer.
My journey towards improved fitness and health has been empowering for me. I feel much better about myself both physically and emotionally. I was challenged by Violet, and amazed myself with what I was actually capable of doing. Exercise became something I wanted to do instead of a chore. My endurance improved greatly, I was capable of using greater weights than I thought, and able to do pushups which I never thought I could do! A highlight for me was the increase in weights I was able to use, and how well my body responded to the challenges Violet had for me.
Today I feel much more connected to my body and have a thorough understanding of what my diet needs to be and why, which I consider a bonus. I expected to learn about working out, but I also learned a great deal about nutrition which is the other component of good health.
I'm very happy I spent this time improving myself, and grateful to have worked with such an experienced and caring trainer. I plan to use all I have learned to continue staying healthy and feeling good about myself.
Thanks so much Violet. You're the best!


Sherry After