Completed First Marathon

Submitted by: Laura Alvarado

Thomas's Success Story

I signed up for Laura's half and full marathon trainings. From beginning to end, I felt comfortable. Her workouts, availability, trouble shooting issues (injuries and stretching), running info modules (hydration, food, clothing, stretching...and more), and overall endurance racing experience were all integral to my great enjoyment, fun, and success on my half marathon and marathon. I would still be involved with her running program had I not moved out of the bay area.

I recommended her training program to several friends. One friend did the same programs I did and we both finished the half and full marathons.

Laura's upbeat personality, running knowledge, great workouts, and her stories of her crazy ultra-marathon/ironman experience were all conducive to me recommending her as one of the best coaches that I have ever had. If you want to do more and go farther in your running, I highly recommend contacting Laura.


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