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Submitted by: Jesse Duran

Bill's Success Story

When I met Jesse Duran in January of 2010, I was an overweight, unhealthy 48 year old man. I was uncomfortable in my skin and in my clothes and in need of some serious help. On the first day of training Jesse took my weight, measured my chest and waist, and then calculated my body fat (28%). Talk about wake-up call! I knew I had let myself go, but I really didn’t know how badly. I let Jesse take over from there and he put his plan in motion. Jesse’s program includes not only weight training and cardio training but also nutritional training; which for me was the key to success. Most trainers just load weights on a machine, show you how to do an exercise and then count; not Jesse. Jesse constantly monitors and adjusts nutritional requirements throughout the process in order to achieve your goals in a healthy manner. Jesse is extremely focused on form and execution of each exercise in order to get the maximum benefit from your workout and to avoid injury.

I started seeing results, on the scale in the first week. In the second and third weeks I could start to see a difference. Today I feel the best I ever have in my life. I am doing things that I couldn’t do when I was in my 20s and 30s. After 6 months my body fat is at 11% and my energy level is through the roof. If you are serious about achieving your fitness and weight goals look no further, Jesse Duran is the trainer you need.

Bill Parrelli


Bill Before


Bill After