Community Center Yoga Transformation for Senior Male

Submitted by: Rachel Newman

Mike P.'s Success Story

This is a statement by a student who started yoga many years before coming to my class. He had attended sporadically in the past, and as my student he attended weekly for one year.
He noticed great changes in his flexibility, achieving flexibility that he barely had as a child, and he learned headstand!
Most importantly he went from living with back pain to pain free.

"I started Purna Yoga with Rachel Newman at the South Bellevue Community Center a year ago and it was the missing piece. That piece is flexibility. Yoga helps a lot with strength and endurance, but it is especially good with flexibility.
And along with the intense work on flexibility came relief from shoulder and hip pain. The pain is not entirely gone, but it is tiny and completely manageable and it doesn't disturb my sleep. Recently, after standing for hours, my hip joints became inflamed and I was back to using ice and anti-inflammatory pills. I walked stiffly into my Yoga class and an hour later walked out pain free. It was amazing. 
But there is another, very powerful benefit; a sense of well-being, and a calmness and focus that is marvelous."
- Mike Paul