Submitted by: Stillman Rice

Debbie's Success Story

This is my testimony on why physical fitness is so important to have a happy and healthy life. I was an employee at DME for many years. I had high blood pressure and stress. Even though I was an avid exerciser, I was at a much higher risk for having a stroke. That is what happened. When something like that happens, your life changes. The chance of living in a nursing home or “assisted facility” becomes much greater. Luckily for me, my stay at Manor on the Green wasn’t that long. I have a son that I moved in with and he makes sure I come to the Benefitness gym to strength train with Gina at twice a week. On days that I am home we go to the park to walk for my exercise. Physical exercise is a huge part of my recovery. I am continuing to become more and more independent and regain use of my left arm. I would like to thank Mike P., Stillman, Gina, Pam and Theresa for helping me along this journey of recovery.


Debbie After