College Student Reflects on her Yoga Experience

Submitted by: Felesha Love

Student 1's Success Story

"Practicing yoga this semester has lead to some emotional benefits for me. I am now more aware of my feelings and my sense of self. I can focus on the things that don’t feel right within me and find ways to make those negative feelings go away. Yoga has also increased my awareness of how I interact with others. One main thing I think about more is whether or not I’m being judgmental when I’m interacting with someone. Yoga has shown me how to break away from judgmental thoughts and accept people the way they are. Also, yoga has made me think about what relationships I’m in that aren’t completely healthy, and how to fix those unhealthy relationships or end them all together by looking at equality and the general vibe I feel when I’m with that person. I think yoga has a great value because it brings awareness to several things that you may not usually think about and it can help you find peace of mind."