College Credit

Submitted by: Heath Herrera

Jana H.'s Success Story

I participated in Heath Herrera’s boot camp for 13 weeks and would have never imagined how much my fitness level would change. I have been able to achieve a higher level of fitness, overall health, and it has even helped me receive college credit. I am in my final semester of college and the school that I am attending was not going to give me credit for physical fitness courses I took many years ago. I was able to provide them with the information booklet that Heath gives at the beginning of boot camp, a description of what boot camp is about, my attendance log, and a letter from Heath. They were so impressed with his comprehensive approach to fitness, nutrition, and health, that they gave me credit for the course. I was told that I was obviously getting more out of his program than I would from a college elective course. Thanks Heath for re-engaging me in a healthy lifestyle!