College Bound

Submitted by: Shawn Fears

Trusty's Success Story

I met Trusty when I started working with the West Valley High School Football Team in Fairbanks Alaska as the S&C Coach. I started working with Trusty one-on-one at the end of May 2013. At this point our goals were to get him able to dominate his senior year on the defensive line.

Some of our goals were to make him bigger and stronger in the two months we had till the season. He was 209lbs and I wanted him at 230. His bench press was near 300 and I wanted him to hit 350. His 18" box squat was around 400 and so was his deadlift. I wanted both of those up to 500 by the time the season started.

August 1st 2013 he was weighing in at 232 with some impressive strength numbers: Bench Press 355, Box Squat 505, Deadlift 485. I also timed his 40yds dash at 4.9, so not bad for adding 20lbs of bodyweight.

Trusty went on to have a successful season with 57 tackles and 11 sacks in 8 games.

This is when the real work started. I felt like he should be playing college football. So I set some more goals and contacted a prep sports recruiting agent for him.

Fast forward to April 9, 2014(10 short months later), Trusty has just signed his letter of intent to play for Rochester Community Technical College who is ranked 7th in the nation in junior college football. His current stats at 6'2" and 18yrs old are: Bench press 450, Deadlift 600.5, 18" Box Squat 601, Power Clean 295, 40yds dash time 4.8s, and weighs in at 255. He will be playing linebacker and/or defensive end for the Yellow Jackets. <600lbs DL