Climber of Mt. Everest

Submitted by: Ken Nicodemus

Brett's Success Story

Ken - I want to thank you for designing an online training program that will help me achieve my lifelong goal to climb Mt Everest. I appreciate the time and energy you put into researching what specific training needs that is required for this type of high altitude climbing. With your help I achieved a personal goal of 26,000ft on the North Ridge of Everest. In the spring of 2006 I am confident that I will be successful thanks to your customized online program. As I Fireman, I am away from home for days at a time. Your program is easy to access and follow while I am away from home. Thanks again for your effort and diligence in making sure that I strictly follow the program even though I wanted to falter at times. Your personal emails and phone calls kept me motivated and on track.