Participant Turned Instructor Sheds Baby Weight and Achieves a New Level of Fitness!

Submitted by: Cardio Sport

Hilary's Success Story

Hilary found Cardio Sport two years ago, 3 months post her 3rd c-section. Prior to her pregnancies she was always active and in good shape, but after 3 children close together her body was out of shape and she lacked strength and muscle tone she once had. She also experienced significant difficulty with her hips from the proximity of the pregnancies.

With Cardio Sport Hilary has taken her fitness to an entirely new level and achieved more than she ever thought possible. She no longer experiences any hip issues due to the strength she has built in her core and lower body through the program.

Hilary will tell you that Cardio Sport has changed her life. She is going on 2 years as a member and is now an Instructor in our home studio.


Hilary Before


Hilary After