Client Testimonial 2012

Submitted by: DIANA Szekely

Andrea Whitt's Success Story

I have been doing personal training sessions with Diana for almost a year. She is beyond incredible! I come from a yoga background and have never really been interested in doing other types of workouts until I started with Diana. She targets all the right muscle groups that have perfectly sculpted my body. I am so much more toned and have great lean muscle that I wasn't able to build in my yoga classes. And the strength training she has me do has tremendously helped with my yoga postures!

I saw results within the first few weeks of meeting with Diana and have maintained my shape for this entire year! Besides her knowledge of everything fitness, she knows so much about nutrition too. I'm vegan and she has helped me create a vegan diet that compliments my workouts.

Every workout we do is slightly varied which always keeps me on my toes and makes it fun! She is so personable; not only does she motivate me and push me in all positive ways but we have great conversation during the workout which makes time fly!

One last thing...she makes sure that I can duplicate every exercise at home so that when I'm out of town or on tour I can continue my workouts. I would absolutely recommend Diana to everyone!

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