Client Testimonials

Submitted by: Pilates By Tina

Various clients 's Success Story

As a physical therapist it is important for me to be strong to assist my patients and protect my back.  Although active and in shape, I had become bored with my usual fitness routine.  I found Tina and couldn’t be happier!   Proper form and instruction are important to me as improper form can often result in injury. Tina’s extensive knowledge and training allows her to make necessary adjustments to ensure safety and get results!  Her commitment to her continuing education along with her enthusiasm keeps me coming back!   

Angela Lawton, P.T.

“I recently started Pilates with Tina and  within a few weeks I started to feel the difference. I love it because it is one of the most efficient forms of exercise that I have experienced. When I am in a session I have to be completely focused on my body and each muscle that’s working. I feel that I get so much out of each individual session. Before Pilates I felt like my body was almost curling into a ball. Now my body is opening up and I have stronger muscles, better balance and improved posture. I am also seeing better tone and definition. I am so glad I discovered Pilates and I feel fortunate to have a great trainer like Tina helping me get the most out of my workout time.”

“The results I’ve achieved from private lessons with Tina have been remarkable. She always challenges and motivates me. I’ve done Pilates ‘classes’, but Tina has taken me to a whole different level of which I’m reaping the benefits. I feel fantastic! I’m addicted!”
Corinne C.

“Tina is the most caring instructor I have ever had.”
April M.

“Tina's enthusiasm and energy have helped me achieve and maintain my goals with Pilates.  As a busy mom to 4 small children I need to make most of each workout and she always makes sure it happens!”
Lauren S.

“I thoroughly enjoy my Pilates sessions with Tina. Her motivational
personality and diverse experience helped me to surpass my weight loss
goals. Through her professional guidance, I greatly improved my posture,
flexibility and strength. Not only have I toned up, but I've improved my
golf game as I can now hit my drives farther. With Tina's encouragement, I
have reaped the results of a fun, yet challenging, fitness program I enjoy
Lisa M.

“I am a grandmother who wants to stay active and fit, but I also suffer from lower back pain.  One day I heard about Pilates and had the good fortune to meet Tina.  What a difference a few sessions makes!!  Tina  gets to know her client and structures the session accordingly.  She is a motivator and I looked forward to the challenge of the next class.  Tina's enthusiasm is contagious.  I wanted to get to the next session just to see what next level I could achieve.”
Mary Anne O.