Client Testimonial

Submitted by: Dana Yarn

W & S's Success Story

We began working with Dana on our health and fitness goals in the Spring of 2009. From the start, Dana helped us to understand that our results were dependent on multiple factors: strength training, cardio conditioning, flexibility, and nutrition. Dana has helped us to achieve our goals through all of those avenues. It is rare to find expertise in all of those areas within one person. We are especially lucky to have found such a person who is also so fun to work with.
Dana’s approach to nutrition coaching eases one into clean eating by not overwhelming the client with dramatic or extreme changes at the beginning. She provided us with initial eating plans that were not intimidating at all. Over time, she has helped us gradually tighten up the plans in order to allow for continued improvement. We enjoy eating “on plan”, and are often surprised at how unappealing some of the foods we used to eat are to us now! One aspect for which we have great appreciation and respect is that Dana is continually researching and learning about nutrition and health issues. She passes these new bits of information along to us through both general communication and working them into our revised eating plans. Research is uncovering new information all the time, and Dana makes it a priority to stay up-to-date.
Through cycles of creating cardio programs, CardioPoint testing, and adjusting our programs, Dana has helped us to achieve dramatically improved cardiovascular health. We can both tell the difference in many ways in our daily lives. Before we started the program, the most we would do is walk a few miles. Now, we are running 5K races (sometimes placing)! We are now working towards a 10K.
We began participating in duo Pilates sessions with Dana a couple of months into our program. Pilates has been very effective in strengthening our core and improving our flexibility. Dana has been so very patient with us (well, one of us in particular!) dealing with our flexibility issues.
After working with Dana for Nutrition Coaching and Pilates for quite a while, we had the opportunity to begin working with her as our personal trainer when our original trainer transferred to another location. It was a smooth transition, since we knew her so well at that point; what we didn’t know is that she is a tough trainer! She challenges us during each session. It is hard work, but we have a good time and appreciate the results.
Dana has become such an important part of our lives; we look forward to seeing her every day and are so thankful for the results that she has helped us to achieve.