Client of the Month

Submitted by: Sandy Hancock

Kathy's Success Story

I would like to acknowledge my beautiful client Kathy Adams, who has surprised me in so many ways. Kathy started working with me in July 2011 and within three weeks lost 12 lbs, 4.5 inches, and 2.8% body fat. From there she continued to make huge gains in weight and fat loss. Kathy never complains about any training session or what is on her meal plan. She is happy to be working with me and reaching new goals. She never doubts for a moment what she can achieve.

After learning that Kathy fought and won a battle with breast cancer and a serious foot surgery, it was understandable that her positive attitude played a big roll in her recovery. To this date Kathy has lost a total of 41 lbs, 35.5 inches, and 12.3% in body fat. You can read about Kathy's unforgettable journey here:


Kathy Before


Kathy After