Client Loses 45 Pounds with Isagenix Nutrition

Submitted by: Angela Althoff

Jeff's Success Story

I was inviolable, active, and energetic—a state championship basketball player. Subsequent to my high school years my muscular physique gave way to a voluminous 278 pounds on my 6 foot 4 inch frame. Restrained by the daily pressures of joint pain, shortness of breath, and fatigue, a normal day became incessantly difficult. The simplicity of climbing a stairwell became no longer simple, a jog beyond the bounds of reason.

As I watched my children grow more active, I surrendered to the inactivity that inhabited me—I surrendered to knee pain that doomed any form of a healthy lifestyle. My fatherhood had been robbed, as each day I felt unable to engage in the recreations that my children had loved. Within the proceedings of my son’s challenges in basketball, I was able to help him in only short moments at a time.

Witnessing those around me winning in the seemingly inconceivable battle, I felt hopeless and destroyed. My cynical nature lead me to feelings of only doubt and disbelief until I noticed my daughters beaming face as she brought news of her changed lifestyle and incredible weight loss. With the introduction of the Isagenix system, the month of December marked the collapse of my hopelessness and the creation of a new me. My forceful joint pain drastically subsided after only three short weeks endorsing my body to move freely once again.

I have been given the freedom to enjoy the outdoors and the movements of which I was once limited. I have been given the freedom of confidence, vivacity, and exhilaration. I have been given freedom from the prohibitions of arthritis that has slowly crept into my being, my heart, and my happiness.

My size 44 pants contracted to a 38—a total of 44 pounds diminished from my once-damaged mass. I am no longer fazed by the depletion of nutrients from the foods that I once consumed, but instead compelled by the healthfulness of the organic minerals that my body so long desired.

No longer restrained by the daily obstacles that made life so difficult, I am anxious to continue in my Isagenix journey and for the many benefits that ensue.

All of my gratitude and appreciation,

Jeff Hopkins


Jeff Before


Jeff After