Client becomes a trainer

Submitted by: Robert Pruni

Nancy's Success Story

Nancy started training with me three years ago. She was 62 and just retired from an extremely stressful courtroom administrator position for Federal judges. She was overweight, on anti-inflammatories, medications for blood pressure and mild depression and frustrated just enough to want to make a dramatic change in her life. I don't think she realized at that time how dramatic it would be. She had multiple health issues including severe DJD in the lumbo-pelvic region and pulmonary hyper-tension just to name a couple of her problems. When we first started Nancy could not run more than 25-30yards. Since that time and many hours in the gym with me and training on her own trying various classes she has run two 5k's and just finished her first mud run the Warrior Dash breaking metatarsals in both feet in the middle of the race and still finishing. "What a Warrior." If that success story doesn't shock you she is completely of all of her medications and the icing on the cake is she just sat for her ACE CPT exam and passed. Nancy has learned a great deal in the past three years but most importantly the value of personal training as she continues to train with me two times per week.

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