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Brian's Success Story

I sought out training with Asim because quite frankly I'd been slacking. I was surrounded by fitness professionals but I let my day to day activities at the office pull me away from my health needs. I had training before but my mindset was not 100% there in terms of dedication to achieving success in and outside of the gym.

Factor that with not KNOWING enough about hitting my potential with the right kinds of exercises, intensity, nutrition and supplements... I was lost. I didn't know how to tap into it what I had and felt it was drifting away as I got older. I'd known Asim for a while and as well saw the results he brought to his clients. I knew he would be able to guide me on a clear path towards a balanced lifestyle.

One of the great things about training with Asim has to be his unique quality of resourcefulness. He thinks fast! He always came up with variations on exercises: If I wasn't strong enough to do a specific exercise he would have an alternative that was still challenging but would eventually let me perform the original exercise over time. Another great skill is his knowledge of muscle movement patterns, if there were times I wasn't able to do specific movements due to muscle stiffness or tightness, he knew how to quickly correct this enabling me for training that day.

I found that complete honesty with myself and Asim helped the training progress and ultimately lead to having great results quickly. What I mean by that is giving everything your all, in and outside of training. When I gave my fullest honest effort in training with him, I was always greatly rewarded with the confidence of being able to pull off heavy lifts, complex exercises (that were once baffling). I developed a more balanced body appearance and gained strength and confidence and most importantly the knowledge to keep progressing. Thanks Asim!


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