Clare's Story

Submitted by: Stuart Ness

Clare's Success Story

I have been a member of Re-create Fitness since April 2012, after being talked into going to a Bootcamp session by a friend who would not take no for an answer. After having my children I had put on weight and become really quite unfit. I had tried so many different gyms and classes but had found none that I actually enjoyed or wanted to go to but this was different“

Stuart has created something with his boot camp, which I feel is unique and truly special. You really feel part of a team, there is a very sociable feel & the other members, of all levels of fitness, are welcoming and supportive.

Stuart & his team have a way of motivating you to want to get the most out of every session. You are never left alone to get on with it, you are encouraged and pushed all the way through, as a result you work much harder than you ever would at a gym. Every Bootcamp session is different and is always fun and yet challenging at the same time.

Although at the beginning I was often the slowest and sometimes struggled, I came away from the sessions with such a great feeling of achievement that I really started to look forward to the next session.

I went on to do 2 of Stuarts amazing Fat Burner Plans, which I really cannot recommend highly enough. They are unbelievably life changing and get the most amazing results. I know it sounds crazy to say that 7 days can change your life but it truly has.

Stuarts specifically designed training sessions make you push yourself to the absolute limit and get incredible results. On the first Burner plan at the end of August I lost an amazing 9lb 4oz & loads of inches in just 7 days, I could not believe it!! Each morning I would look in the mirror and I could see my body changing day by day, my skin was clearer, I was sleeping better and my energy levels were higher, it was a fantastic experience.

The nutritional advice and menus you receive on the burner plan have completely changed my attitude to food and had a positive effect on my whole family. I have been able to continue with the principles of the plan without feeling like I am “on a diet” at all. Thanks to the continued support and fantastic training I have gone on to loose another 24lb and loads of inches. Over just 3 months I went from a size 16/18 to a size 12! But its not just the inches and the pounds, I am so much fitter, more energetic, more confident and this has impacted on every aspect of my life.

Stuart takes a genuine interest in each members progression and goals and has helped me to keep focused and motivated on mine by setting me challenges & encouraging me. I am now able to run 10k in under an hour, which won’t break any records but is a huge personal achievement and I have now entered to run in my first 10k race. Unbelievably I am now one of the women I looked at in disbelief when I first started training with Stuart and I couldn’t do one sit up or press up or run the length of a football pitch! I have recommended boot camp and Stuarts burner plans to many friends who have all had great experiences too.

Even though I am now really happy with my weight & fitness I am now doing the new 10 day Transformation Plan as I am totally hooked on the training and enjoy it so much. This plan is even better than the first 2 I did, with loads of delicious healthy recipes in the nutritional plan as well as an even greater variety in the training sessions. If you are thinking about signing up I’d say, do it, you’ll never look back. Clare X


Clare Before


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