Circuit Training Improved my Health & Running!

Submitted by: Thad McLaurin

Mike's Success Story

Great News RunnerDude! I just received the following report from my doctor!
"Michael, congratulations on having improved your stress test so significantly from last year. I think part of this may be due to the improved strength you have from the weight workouts and working out with a trainer (RunnerDude!). I also think that the strength training has helped reduce your LDL to the best level it has been in several years. Great news!.....I think it is a good idea if you continue to do the weight workout with your trainer (RunnerDude!) because this will also help maintain your core strength and will likely propel you to faster (race) times."
Dr. Riva Rahl—Medical Director of the Cooper Clinic (Dallas, TX); Dr. Rahl is also a 2:54 marathoner and the author of Physical Activity & Health Guidelines (Human Kenetics, 2010)


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