Chubby teen to fitness professional

Submitted by: Heike Yates

Heike's Success Story

While growing up in Germany exercise was always part of my life. Walking or biking everywhere is just what people do.

However, so is eating and eating I did a lot. I turned into a overweight and out of shape teen that only was interested in books and no longer activities. Despite my parents encouragement to loose weight, I did not find the "inner me" until years later, when I grew into a young women knowing what I wanted out of life. This realization made me aware that all this weight was not what "I" choose to carry around but was taught to me by having to "clean" my plate and not leave a morsel of food on it.
Things started to change and I made my choices.

I moved to United States and started a "seated job" - not really what I wanted but oh, well. I love traveling and this job got me to where I wanted to be.
Once my oldest one (now he is 23) was born I had gained a lot of weight but had no knowledge on how to take if off. My then husband, a very active person, encouraged me to start taking classes at the local YMCA and as they say: "The rest is history".

I loved it! Teaching choreographed classes to music - I was in heaven. This was hard earned since I am deaf on one ear and could not hear the beat - me not hearing the beat. With one of my mentors I overcame this obstacle and now understand people with hearing problems much better - trust me!

Now, twenty years later fitness is my career and my passion. I am helping others to be fit, healthy and functional.
I have passed on this passion to my children as well and love to see them exercise (sometimes with me) and make healthy food choices.

My hunger for knowledge and professional growth is exponential and over the years, I studied with the best in the industry to become one of the best in the fitness industry.

I want to share with everybody, from my family to my friends and clients, the lessons on how to lead a life full of happiness and health.

My personal achievements: In the late 1980 I was a competitive Bodybuilder, I ran three marathons in the last five years (each with a personal record, including the prestigious Boston Marathon) ran many 1/2 marathons, dancing Salsa, Argentine Tango and just this year finished the Tough Mudder in Pennsylvania (a intense obstacle course - not for the weak of heart)

I love life and enjoy every moment being active and healthy!


Heike Before


Heike After