Chronic Pain

Submitted by: Ryan Crandall

Alina's Success Story

"I have worked with Ryan for about a year. From the beginning, Ryan struck me as an intelligent trainer that knows about the way the body works and has the ability to tailor a work out regimen basse on your needs.

Ryan is patient and willing to help people who deal with chronic pain. He is very particular and careful, making sure he doesn't create more pain and damage. I deal with chronic pain and Ryan continually encourages and finds ways to work with, and help the pain I deal with everyday.

Ryan is also a man of intergrity. I trust him in my family's home, and I know I can tell him things and they will stay in confidence.

Ryan is a true gem among trainers. I feel very lucky to benefit from his talent and knowledge. Not only do I get a great work out, he makes me laugh with his quick with and humor, which comes in handy when the work out gets a little tough." Alina Johnson