Chronic Knee Pain

Submitted by: Robert Kessen

's Success Story

"I had a chronic knee issue that kept me from achieving my fitness goals. My knee would "go out" for no reason and without warning. I also felt pain during exercise and was unable to walk the stairs in my home without experiencing discomfort. The knee was weak and the pain often forced me to quit my exercise program. Numerous trips were wasted going to the doctor for medical diagnosis and x-rays. The doctor said there was no medical reason for my knee problem. I was told that I probably had the start of arthritis. Bob Kessen began working with me and thought from the start that he could help me with my knee problem. He started me on a foam roller to release the tightness in my muscles. With time, the muscle imbalance was much improved. These simple steps have completely eased my knee tightness and pain. My knee has not given me one bit of problem since working with Bob. His knowledge of muscle imbalance helped eliminate my pain. I am in the best physical shape of my life and Bob has helped me every step of the way."
Bonnie M. - 53 yrs