Cheryl Meets Her Goal!

Submitted by: terri west

Cheryl's Success Story

“I first came to see Terri in February 2009 after having lost nearly 70 lbs. over a year. I was training for the LA marathon so my fitness was decent but pretty flabby. I knew I needed to focus on toning and conditioning yet did not have much direction. From the first day we met we naturally clicked and she immediately identified my problem areas, strengths and weaknesses. The program that I designed for Cheryl focused on weight-loss and toning. Her determination was a huge help in helping her reach her goal. Terri is very good about challenging you to go beyond what you think you can accomplish. Because of Terri's encouragement and expertise I am proud to say I have lost an additional 25 lbs, lost an additional 10 or or more inches and my confidence is through the roof!


Cheryl Before


Cheryl After