Cheri's Weight Loss Testimonial 7-14-13

Submitted by: Fran Johnson

Cheri Domingues's Success Story

Cheri's Weight Loss testimonial

"On January 1, 2012, I began my journey to lose 40 pounds. I was turning 40 in August and was tired of a life long struggle with my weight. I called Fran and asked her for help. She did not hesitate to jump right in and get me started. She was so encouraging and knowledgeable. She had confidence in my ability to get healthy, lose the weight and finally keep it off. She monitored what I was eating and gave me feedback on what foods to eat more or less of. My overall health was always her priority. She is committed to helping those that are ready to be helped. She believes strongly in fitness and the overall affect it has on the body and mind. She is excited about what she does and her enthusiasm is contagious. She never made me feel bad when I was feeling bad about myself. She would always encourage me to move forward and remind me that the ultimate goal is not really the weight loss but a new, healthy way of life. Fran saw me through every pound of my 40 pound weight loss. She held me accountable and kept me focused. She always made herself available. Because of her commitment to me, I lost the weight and because of her knowledge and advice I have kept it off."