200+ lbs lost

Submitted by: Rosemarie Ferrara

Chelsea's Success Story

Just like at Weight Watchers I was amazed at how much support and friendship I have found at AlamoShape.  The women there actually take the time to say hello and learn one another’s names.  They miss you when you don’t come to class and are the first to notice when your clothes are looking a little looser....Sometimes I think back on how I used to think that my weight didn’t really matter.  I am amazed more and more every day about how often I find myself thinking “I would never have been able to do this two years ago.”  Sometimes it is something small like going down a plastic slide with my niece without worrying that it will collapse.  Sometimes it is something huge like feeling beautiful in a strapless dress on my wedding day... 

Update from Rosemarie Ferrara on Chelsea: Chelsea has now completed more than 4 marathons including the Bataan Death March, the San Antonio Rock N' Roll Marathon and the Phoenix Rock N' Roll Marathon


Chelsea Before


Chelsea After