100 lbs lost at AlamoShape

Submitted by: Rosemarie Ferrara

Charlotte's Success Story

I have been working out with Rosemarie for years but never to this level. I set out to do a Fitness Competition this year and the training became intense to say the least. Thanks to Rosemarie and her dedication to her clients and thier dreams, she helped me to develop and build better muscles than many other women on that stage! She kept me focused on what I needed to do to make myself the best I could be physically and mentally for that competition.

Rosemarie helped me get to a whole new level with my fitness and my dreams of being in the world of bodybuilding. I trusted her, her knowledge, her advice and much, much more. I did very well at the competition and she was invaluable in getting me there. I continue to trust her and workout with her and she has helped me feel like a competitor!!!


Charlotte Before


Charlotte After