Charles Weinraub Story

Submitted by: Curtis Selby

's Success Story

Gentlemen and Ladies:

This is a testimonial from me about Curtis Selby, the trainer at O2 Fitness in Southern Village who has worked with me for the past
four months. I am over 60 and have some right-side weakness because of a neurological matter; yet, Curtis is able to work with me, almost in a rehabilitation sense, to make my right side stronger while working on my strength and conditioning needs as a whole.

I am impressed with Curtis' ability to train me to become and stay stronger, and to push me to accomplish more cardio on my own. I note
that Curtis is very well respected by all the clients of the facility, as they
are all saying 'hello' to him and looking to him for advice on various matters in their conditioning.

I am exceedingly pleased to recommend Curtis Selby to anyone who is looking for a competent and motivational trainer who can work
with every level of conditioning and strength training requirements.

Charles Weinraub