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Submitted by: Branden Collinsworth

Julie Bartlet's Success Story

Branden Collinsworth is one of the most consistently upbeat people I have ever met. His training style strikes a brilliant blend of hard work, patience, and motivation. Branden’s passion for not just life in general, but also fitness and helping others achieve fitness, is unmistakable. It simply radiates from him, and, quite frankly, it’s contagious. When you’re facing an uphill battle, positivity and enthusiasm can carry you a long way. I know it helped carry me. I have lost over 45 pounds of fat, gained 15 pounds of muscle, and gone from a depressed size 18 to a vibrant size 12 in just a year’s time. I’ve gone from couch potato to competing in triathlons. Branden’s sports training knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for helping others achieve fitness had a real effect on my journey towards not just weight loss, but embracing a healthier way of life, for the rest of my life.”

Julie Bartlet


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