Changing it up!

Submitted by: Gigi Gregory

Marguerite's Success Story

Gigi can take you to the next level!
This lady certainly is as good as it gets. Honest. Thoughtful. Patient. I needed to push myself harder-both at the gym and at the table and Gigi has overseen my transition. I had a good workout ethic but wasn't seeing results. Gigi went over my food and gave me lots of suggestions and encouraged me to make my changes-not just at the beginning. We check in with a food journal every few weeks which really helps me in developing new habits. It has also alerted me to my snacking ways, but that's another story...In the gym, her workouts vary which keeps it fun with mat, TRX, weights, pulleys. I get a such a good workout my body is buzzing after. I'm getting a crazy good stomach for the first time in my life and she has also been able to help me figure out how/what to do to treat old injuries too. The price is great as well.
Marguerite M.


Marguerite After