Changed from Within

Submitted by: Nancy McCaffrey

Aimee's Success Story

Hip Hip Hooray!!

I have lost over 50 pounds and 19 inches! Not the usual same 10 pounds that I have been losing and gaining back.... for nearly 20 years.

What was my secret? Nancy!
Our first session she did a personal health assessment which included a fitness assessment, a dietary assessment and a body composition analysis. One of her questions was what is your main goal.? My response was "To be mentally healthy".

She took all my measurements and my weight. I told her I didn't want to know how much I weighed because it would only make me depressed. I started by taking her spin class 3 times a week and personal training at least once a week. After the 1st month I had lost 10lbs. But the exciting part was I could actually tell I lost weight: I went down sizes in my clothes! The success I was getting with a combination of spinning, weight training and eating a smaller and healthier plate at meals made me want to go on.
Nancy asked me go to Atlanta do a Tao Bo class with Billy Blanks. I was so excited! When I was young, the only work outs I did was with Billy Blanks. After the class with Billy, he made everyone sit down and we talked about how you "have to have it in your head." Wow!!! Nancy and I looked each other...that exactly what I was doing. It motivated me! Each training session Nancy customizes my workout, and focuses on how to do each exercise correctly. Each session we do whole new workout and they become more challenging. I remember I used to say "I hate triceps dips!" -now I say "How many am I doing?" I have to admit, I have had setbacks. She assures me that this is normal and encourages me to keep going outside of my comfort zone. I now go to to spin class at Thrive- I love their RealRyder bikes! I also now take yoga -I've learned to breathe! I also do Zumba and Kickboxing. I have to say, I now start each day as new day. Just when I start being hard on myself, Nancy reminds I'm doing great!

Signal Mountain,TN