Change your Body...Change your Health!!

Submitted by: Sonya Roemisch

Vincent Tapia's Success Story

In Nov 2011 Vince was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and High Cholesterol and high Blood Pressure and was put on 5 medications to try to control theseconditions. With a horrible family history of these illnesses he realized that I had to do something about it. He weighed in at about 285lbs at the start of his exercise journey and I was able to get down to about 260lbs on his own. He began to get frustrated and wanted to give up like many others because his progress stopped. He was then introduced to me in February 2012. His difficult work schedule and food allergies were some of the challenges we had to overcome. I was able to come up with a meal plan that was easy to follow even being out of town. And he was determined to get to a gym and get his workouts in that I designed. I taught him to make healthier food choices and how to plan meals to make it easier on the road. He meets with me once a week for a Core Workout and Coaching session to keep him on track and whenever he has questions or gets discouraged I am there for support. He is now down to 210lbs and off all of his medications completely. He says he is healthier and happier than I’ve been in a very long time and claims "I couldn’t have done it without Sonya and Younique Physique! Thanks Sonya!"

Vince has been such a pleasure to coach and easily met his goals because of his dedication and commitment to follow the plan. Vince not only changed his life and health he has transformed his body losing 75 lbs, and added over 25lbs of lean muscle. He lost 7 ½ inches from his waist alone. I am so excited he will be getting his Personal Trainer Certification and will be joining our Team at Younique Physique. He will be a great asset to Team Younique and has hopes of helping inspire others like him that there is hope; with the right plan and change of lifestyle you can change your health and your life. Vince is currently training 1 time a week for the coaching and accountability. Currently I have Vince on a Specific Workout and Nutrition Plan that fits his specific needs and work schedule; designed to help him reach his goal of Reducing Body Fat and Building Lean Muscle. I periodically change up his plan to keep him progressing and shocking the body.


Vincent Tapia Before


Vincent Tapia After