Champion Tiffany

Submitted by: Tonja Davis

Tiffany's Success Story

In 2008, I was diagnosed with spinal condition that was causing the cushioning between my discs to deteriorate. At that time, I was pushing 320 pounds at 5'9" tall. I was told by the doctor that it was mostly due to the large amount of weight I carried in my torso pulling on my lower back. It was then that Tonja Davis stepped in and helped me to find a way to start losing weight. She had me start very small, and helped me to up my workouts whenever I felt necessary. I trusted her because I knew she had been there with her weight too. She was genuinely encouraging and listened to all my concerns along the way.

Today I am nearly 100 pounds lighter and enjoying my life so much more than I did before I started working out. My back pain is down to non-existant and I found how much I love to move! I owe this progress to Tonja and Action Hero Fitness. Every time I wanted to try something new, she was there with a workout. Every time I felt like I was flagging, she was there with encouragement and showing me proof of how far I've come. She knows when to push, and she knows not to go too far. She is a fantastic personal trainer as well as group fitness instructor. If you ever want someone in your corner on your weight loss/physical health journey, Tonja Davis and Action Hero Fitness are definitely top choice!

--Tiffany D. Client since 2008