Caty's Core

Submitted by: Chris Viggiano

Caty's Success Story

I'd like to thank trainer Chris Viggiano for helping me achieve more strength and flexibility than I thought possible after a serious back injury two years ago.

When I suffered a herniated disc, I had severe pain and weakness. I lost control of leg and core muscles on my left side and could not lift my left leg off the ground. After weeks of rest followed by physical therapy, I was still limping and looking to find a way to get back to regular exercise while continuing to recover. My physical therapist instructed me to strengthen my core without exercises that involve crunches, flexion, extension, or twists which would risk re-injury. Before I met Chris, I worked out with several trainers who did not agree with these instructions, and told me simply that I would never achieve core strength without doing crunches. I was looking for a
trainer who could balance my need to build strength without hurting myself. Enter Chris Viggiano.

Chris has the background and ability to work with people who have special needs. He did not try to fit me into anyone else's workout formula: he researched my specific injury and created a program that helped me target the muscles that were weakened and carefully built back strength and flexibility. He has explained what he's doing every step of the way: which muscles are being worked, why they are important, how the new exercises build on what we have previously
done, and how to fine-tune form to maximize effect without injury. He asks me for feedback and incorporates it into workouts in real-time. Chris includes fundamentals of pilates in my workouts and uses the weight machines, medicine ball, TRX, yoga blocks, hand weights and Bosu to target my needs while never getting repetitive. And if I come in with a specific request (for example, to work on spine or hip alignment) he has the knowledge and ability to change my workout plan on the fly to address my needs immediately. I always feel challenged, but confident that we're not pushing beyond my limitations in a risky manner.

In the past year, Chris has been able to help me achieve the results I have sought: I have dropped a pants size since I've been working out with Chris. I have more ab defininition than I have had in 20 years. I can hold and carry my kids. I am training for a 5K run. Most importantly, I have not re-injured my back. I have the strength, flexibility, and knowledge to have a challenging workout while protecting myself. I am so grateful to Chris for his intelligent and responsive approach, and his passion for researching new ways to
continue progressing safely and responsibly.