Cassandra Lost 50 Pounds Training for Triathalons & Marathons!

Submitted by: Abby Campbell

Cassandra's Success Story

Cassandra didn't begin having weight issues until she was 23 years old when she was pregnant with her first child. It only progressed with her second baby and wouldn't come off so easily afterwards. She knew she needed to make a change with her top weight reaching 245 pounds. Training for triathalons and marathons were her ticket to losing the weight quickly, and now she is a weight loss success story.

Running into problems... When Cassandra was pregnant for the first time, her weight was drastically increasing as she was hungry all the time. She ate whatever she wanted and that being whatever was convenient. However, her midwife was not concerned as her vitals and blood pressure were in check, so she didn't worry much either. After her precious new baby was born, she did lose 40 pounds only to find herself pregnant again. With baby number 2, Cassandra gained another 65 pounds on top of the 20 pounds she still needed to lose. She could not believe that her weight had peaked at 245 pounds!

Support & Problems slowing her down... Due to the extra weight, Cassandra was feeling heavy and literally "weighed down." She also felt tired and sluggish, and it was harder for her to move around than when she didn't carry so much weight. Jealousy also got hold of her when she'd see any "small" mommy-to-be or one who seemed to have "bounced back" quickly after giving birth. It just didn't seem fair, and Cassandra was very frustrated that she had let herself go. Yet, she didn't have time to workout. She had two small children to take care of as well as a full-time job and college classes. Anyway, shouldn't the pregnancy weight just come off naturally after giving birth? Prior to resuming work, Cassandra had gone shopping as she had nothing appropriate to wear to work that would fit. She was shocked to find herself in a size 16w, 18, and 2x - PLUS sizes!

Climbing back up the steep hill... Realization had finally set in that Cassandra needed to make a change. She worked on her schedule to fit exercise, and she did just that. Weight training was done at home twice per week, and a Zumba class at the gym was incorporated as well. She even took her kids with her in a jogging stroller while she either walked or jogged a couple of times per week. Though this was great, she kept "falling off the wagon." So, what did she do? She set her mind to training and entering a triathalon as that would keep her accountable to herself. She didn't want to make a fool of herself by signing up for something and not showing. By signing up for the triathalon, she had a goal that was very concrete and would help her to stay motivated towards her transformation goals.

Making it to the finish line... Come July 4, 2010, Cassandra finally got her chance to prove to herself that signing up for that triathalon a few months back was well worth it. Did she show? Not only did she show, but she swam 750 meters, biked 12 miles, and ran 3 miles! She even made her goal of not coming in last place. In fact, she placed 145 out of 149 female finishers in 2 hours and 10 minutes. In July, Cassandra even signed up for a 10K run. She completed that in 1 hour and 28 minutes beating her goal by 2 minutes, and she place 159 out of 167. Woohoo! You go, Cassandra!

A huge win motivates... Though Cassandra would still like to lose 25-30 more pounds which would bring her to 165-170 pounds on a 5' 8" frame, she is not so concerned with that "number" as much as she is about her performance. She knows that she is "fit" now at 26 and that she will lose the pounds as her body allows as long as she stays active and eats clean. She finds that the most important aspect of aiding her body transformation and performance is food, and preparation has been her key. She makes all of her meals ahead of time on Sundays which include breakfasts, lunches, and snacks so that she can just grab them and go. This leaves no room for junk which equates to "no room for error." For a gal who once lived off convenience foods, her palette sure has changed as grilled salmon is now her favorite!

A Word From Cassandra...

"If you workout 7 days a week but eat McDonalds 3 times a day, you will NOT change or be healthy. I started making all my meals ahead on Sundays. By organizing my food, I was able to keep myself in check. I also made realistic fitness goals for the week. I knew I couldn't workout 6 days a week but I knew I could do 4, and I made the best of those 4 days."


Cassandra Before


Cassandra After