Carla's Success

Carla's Success Story

This wasn’t my first try at this endeavor. But this time everything fell into place. With Michael’s help I have learned to be responsible for my diet. I know what I eat impacts how I feel. When I overindulge I make a conscious choice knowing the result and what I will need to do to compensate. Michael is pretty close to a miracle-worker. I now have muscles where I never knew they existed. Every morning when I look in the mirror I am proud of the strength and level of fitness rather than being ashamed of the reflection. Shopping for clothes is now fun instead of a depressing chore. At 44 I am in better physical shape than I have ever been in my lifetime. I have friends who have commented that I seem to be growing younger rather than older – and it feels that way. I love how I feel and how I look and I have Michael to thank for it all!


Carla Before


Carla After