Candice - The lifelong fat kid who lost 105 pounds! INSPIRING!

Submitted by: Abby Campbell

Candice's Success Story

Having weight issues and being the "fat kid" for as long as Candice can remember has not been easy. But enough was enough! Wanting to change is not enough as it won't disintegrate the body fat, so Candice just did it and became a weight loss success story!

Candice didn't have a great start in life when it came to the kitchen department. Her family is from the south where big chocolate cakes and fried foods are the norm. Even the veggies were fried! Love was shown through snacks and lunch boxes being filled with Little Debbie type snack cakes and other unhealthy junk foods. Getting a fruit was a rare treat for this gal.

The "freshman 50" syndrome... Things got worse for Candice as she moved into her late teens and early 20s. She seemed to get bigger and bigger. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia, she was wracked with pain and fatigue. Fibromyalgia is the most common arthritis related illness (after osteoarthritis), and it is a rheumatic condition that is characterized by muscle and joint pain as well as fatigue. It can be very painful physically. Though Candice suffered from much pain and fatigue from this awful disorder, her weight seemed to increase it all the more. With the back and knee injury pains she already had, it is needless to say that she wasn't enjoying life much. Depression and laziness kicked in. She was embarrassed by her weight, and the worthless feelings followed. Candice's weight had risen to nearly 300 pounds with her highest weight at 287.

The "fat wife" syndrome... No longer wanting to be the "fat wife" or "fat mom," Candice was motivated to make a change. Enough was enough! Though she had always wanted to be thinner, she finally got sick of the "thought" of being obese and being in pain and tired all the time. She flipped that switch in her brain and decided, "No More! I'm Done! I'm going to fix me!" Like most people who are desperate to lose weight quickly, Candice started with diet pills and fad diets. Of course, she would lose a few pounds here and there only to find herself starting over again as those gimmicky diets never last. She made real progress when she really put effort into making a healthy "lifestyle" change with her her diet and also with exercise. Much of her motivation is credited to the love of her life... her husband. What wife doesn't want to look "good" for her man?

The "fit lady" syndrome... Now at 29, Candice has lost two-thirds of her goal weight of 150. This puts her at 182 pounds from 287, as well as going from a size 22 to a size 12. She is unstoppable! She continues to eat healthy foods which is a far cry from the foods she had eaten most of her life. "Good-bye" to the fried foods, and "Hello" to the grilled salmon and chicken! Her favorite veggies include spinach, broccoli, green peppers, squash, and cucumbers. Her rare treats as a kid are now typical foods in her diet. Watermelon, honeydew melon, apples, and grapes are her specialties. Though she sometimes craves those old and unhealthy sweets she grew up on (cookies, cakes, and donuts), she reminds herself that she wants to look good and be healthy more than that. Even with that, Candice has the right attitude when it comes to "slip ups." She knows that a slip-up is not a reason to regress and that she just needs to accept it and move in. Why get depressed over what's done and can't be changed? She knows not to ever give up and to just get back on track if she needs to. She is done with excuses. Making time for cooking healthy meals and exercise is important to her because SHE is worth the time.

A Word From Candice...

"I hear others say they don't have time to workout. They don't have time to plan healthy meals. I hear people making excuses all the time and try to convince themselves that these excuses are actual reasons. Fact is, you will NEVER find the time! There will always be something else you would rather do or eat. You have to MAKE THE TIME. You're worth it!"


Candice Before


Candice After