Can you put a price on confidence?

Submitted by: Dunte Hector

Chelsea's Success Story

When Chelsea started with me, she had 15 pounds to lose and a lot to gain. In our six months together, Chelsea mentioned frequently her desires to "just feel better," that she "was always so clumsy," that she had never done a push-up without her knees, and that her mom called her Cupcake.

By the end of our time, she had lost 12 pounds, 6 inches off her waist, and had developed enough definition that her brother and family made positive comments. She had successfully run thousands of stairs, jumped rope for 100 continuous skips, learned to box and kickbox, and was genuinely proud of her workouts every day. She also successfully pumped out 4 full, no-knees push-ups.

Chelsea is now comfortable with her body and confident that she can tackle physical challenges. Now, on her own, she is swimming hard intervals, knocking out daily full push-ups, and continuing to make progress.

I can put a price on personal training, on my time, equipment, and expertise. But can you put a price on confidence?