Can lift and play with my grandchildren!

Submitted by: Trent Mitchell

Lynn Pasley, Business Owner's Success Story

“A few years ago I found that I was having difficulty lifting my two grandchildren when they came to me for hugs. Since I didn’t want to play favorites, it was important to lift both of them at the same time. It was difficult as they became older and heavier. I also found that there were simple tasks that I found to be difficult, toting a large suitcase through an airport terminal, lifting boxes, etc. that became more daunting. I decided that if I wanted to stay active I needed to make some lifestyle changes. I had driven past Trent’s truck with the sign on it so many times that I finally jotted down the number and made the call. I now lift the grandchildren with ease. Ride bikes, lift boxes, and have made lifestyle changes that make my life easier. A year later my husband retired from his profession of 33 years and joined me in my morning workouts. Bill’s on the job shoulder injury and reconstructive surgery were a nagging problem. His shoulder had never fully recovered from the surgery. It is now a thing of the past. Trent’s program has made it possible for Bill to play golf with ease and no shoulder pain! His metabolism is to be envied. He plays for hours on the floor with the grandchildren playing “bucking bronco” and the energy is amazing. The time for a workout is also the stress relief that we need to keep our perspective in a family business. It helps both of us to focus on something other than business and family. Our workouts are what we do for us. Trent’s program has added another dimension to our personal routine of eating healthy, working out and generally having a healthy attitude.”