Busy Mom Yoga

Submitted by: Stacy McCarthy

Submitted by Kara Crabtree mother of four's Success Story

November 3, 2010
Stacy McCarthy has inspired me physically, mentally, and spiritually at many levels. Taking Stacy McCarthy’s Ashtanga yoga class is a journey to a place I am grateful and happy to have discovered. Only in Stacy’s yoga classes can I get to that place. From the opening chant & sun salutations to the savasana, it is one smooth, flowing, and rewarding experience. Her soothing voice, choice of poses, and encouraging music has become a necessary part of my routine. Stacy was born with an incredible gift to teach yoga. By teaching yoga successfully, Stacy has touched many people’s lives. This is evident by her huge following.
Stacy inspires me physically by the poses we practice and by her strong, defined body. My body feels good doing her exact sequence of yoga poses. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of the body, therefore each pose relates to the next. She not only tells me what to do, she also explains specifically what is happening in my body and where I should be focusing. She will say, “lengthen your spine, root down in your hips.” She never leaves out a detail and says the Sanskrit name of each pose. She shows level 1, 2, and 3 of each pose, which lets me know where I need to aspire. She always reminds me to breath and that breathing links my mind and body.
I struggled with my stomach for years after having four children. Stacy’s yoga classes physically changed my body. My stomach is finally flat and strong, my back is muscular, and overall my body is firm and toned. By practicing yoga with Stacy, I have a greater awareness of my body, how I carry myself, and my posture outside of yoga.
Stacy’s tone, strong body is inspiring. It is not one that looks like it has been damaged by running on pavement or by over doing one particular muscle area. For years I did hard cardio workouts. It left me exhausted at the end of the day. Rather than thinking deeply, I would look at the time and want the workout to end. When I am in Stacy’s yoga classes, my body is fulfilled physically in every area without thinking of time.
Stacy inspires me mentally in class and out of class. As Stacy begins the chant and sun salutations, I immediately kick into a peaceful state of meditation. Stacy’s style is calming mentally. I can challenge myself and at the same time find peacefulness within. With kids and a busy life, the only place that I can separate myself mentally from my world is in Stacy’s classes. It gives me a chance not to think about where I have to be and what I have to do. I just have to be on my mat and perform for myself.
When I am in a pose, she will remind me to exhale (sukha) which is surrendering and letting go. Then she will remind me to inhale (stirha) which is about gaining strength and power. She tells me to find the place to surrender and then to find the place to give strength. That is something mentally that stays with me throughout the day and I can take to my world. At times, I need to surrender and let go and other times I need to gain strength and power.
I appreciate how she reminds me to calm my “monkey mind.” She tells me to stop my brain from jumping from branch to branch and focus on my breath. She always seems to say it at just the right moment. By doing Stacy’s classes 4 times a week (2x a week in class and 2x a week on video), my ability to concentrate and think deeply outside of yoga has significantly improved.
Stacy has inspired me spiritually. I have experienced a transformation of spiritual growth and a deeper level of consciousness. When class starts, it is a continuous path of relaxation. It is a beautiful setting for meditative thoughts. During the savasana, Stacy reminds me to let everything go, to be still, to throw away judgment and competition, and to “just let it all go.” That enables me to transcend into a spiritual place. Stacy’s music is beautiful, meaningful, and soothing which sets the mood in the room for individual spirituality.
The inspiration Stacy gives me in every class effects my mind, body, soul and overall happiness. Her kindness and nonjudgmental personality help me grow physically, mentally, and spiritually while practicing yoga. Every class I walk away feeling accomplished, relaxed, and ready for what lies ahead. That is a huge gift. In every class my mind calms, the connection within myself deepens, and overall it helps me find everlasting peace. The flexibility and balance I have gained is just an added bonus. Stacy’s inspirational style is perfection.
Kara Crabtree