Building Wedding Day Dreams; Feeling and Looking my Best!

Submitted by: Amelia Blind

Mai's Success Story

All I can say is INCREDIBLE! I was referred to Synergy by my former boss who's partner had lost 40+ pounds working with Allyn. With a wedding about 7 months out I immediately contacted Allyn to schedule a session. After our first session I knew she would be a good fit for me do I bought a 20-pk and began meeting with Allyn twice a week (give or take holidays)

I only wanted to lose between 10-20lbs and tighten up. In less than 4 months I lost 10lbs and 4% body fat. I took bridal portraits 3 weeks ago and my back was more sculpted than it has ever been! After our sessions conclude Allyn even prescribed me a way to stay on track and gave me tips on how to maintain.

I highly recommend Synergy...especially Allyn, She Rocks!