Building Strength and Confidence

Submitted by: Megan Mccracken

Ben in his own words's Success Story

"When I began Megan McCracken’s Super Seniors program, I felt like I was weak. I had lost strength in my legs, and my wife insisted that I begin to regain some strength. We travel a great deal, and I need to be able to walk a lot. I have had hip and knee replacements in both legs, and just was not feeling well generally.

I must say, sometimes it is hard for me to begin my workout, but after completing it, I feel so much better. It is a good way to start the day.

I know I am stronger. In just a few weeks, I went from being unable to stand from my chair without rocking my self up and using the chair arms to push off. Just the other day I did the "sit stand segment" with weights in my hands (no chair arms) and stood and sat 6 times in a row.

I feel more confident now, and will continue my workouts as a super senior because of it."