Building Strength

Submitted by: Jacob Lawrence

Kristen 's Success Story

Kristen is a 30 year old, small business owner. A hard working, driven individual that found her self in a physical rut. She knew what was wrong: poor nutrition and lack of strength training. Kristen’s issue is opposite of most that I see in that she needed to gain weight. Her diet lacked the depth of nutrition to maintain adequate bodyweight, thus she was void of the energy needed to get the most out of any workouts she attempted.

Kristen is also a very focused individual. She had full confidence in the advice and coaching I had given her and went the extra mile to make sure she wasn’t delaying her progress. This “all-in” attitude always assures me that the client will achieve success. Kristen was no exception.

My plan for Kristen was to get her eating many small meals. Being active and on the go, we created a smoothie plan. Essentially feeding her body easily digested meals, which kept her energy levels constant. In beginning this was challenging. Having snacked on candy all day long to keep her going, in the past, this new approach took some getting used to. Persistence prevailed though as she stayed focused. The goal was always clear and its importance was of a high priority.

For her gym workouts we decided that coming 3-4 days per week and doing high intense, 30-minute sessions, would be our best approach. Kristen found that by doing these shorter action packed workouts she was able to keep a high level of focus the whole time she worked out. This was a confidence builder that instilled in her the belief that no matter how tired or sore she was she could complete the 30-minute sessions. This took us some time to develop, but seeing and encountering bumps in the road was part of the process.

After a couple weeks she began to see noticeable results. Everything was getting a little easier, and in fact, it was starting to be a super enjoyable process. Another month went by and her goals started to switch from just being able to complete a proper push-up, to doing pull-ups without assistance! Talk about a confidence builder! Her body was now a metabolic machine, letting her eat pretty much whatever she wanted (to a point ☺). She was now setting time goals for the local road races she enjoyed running and approaching the events with an expectation of success. Kristen now had a genuine ownership of her health and fitness.

She now gets approached by other women asking her if she works out, lifts weights, what she is doing to look that good. Getting noticed for her hard work is a huge payoff, and motivator to continue!

All it takes is that first action step. Just getting started. Knowing that it was time to hire a coach. To get answers and advice and start making changes sooner rather than later (or never), and follow through on that advice with action and conviction.

Kristen now is a genuine ambassador of health and fitness. She participates in all forms of exercise: running, weight training, bodyweight training, yoga and pilates. Get fit. Be healthy. Stay confident!