Bucket List Item: Compete in a Figure Show

Melvette's Success Story

Melvette came to me in December of 2011 with a very specific goal in mind: to compete in a figure show. She had hit her early 40s and was determined to challenge herself physically by stepping on stage for the first time. She was originally looking at a February 2012 show, but at 180 pounds, there was no way she would be ready in two months. I encouraged her to look into a June or July show, which would give us plenty of time to build muscle and lean her out.

Melvette worked HARD! She had a very erratic work schedule which often left her exhausted, but each time I met with her, she pushed herself through each set, each rep, no matter how difficult. She also struggled a bit with the meal plans; her whole outlook on eating and portions had to change, and if you think that's hard for the general population that is just trying to lose weight, imagine what it's like for a figure girl who slowly loses such delights as peanut butter, dairy, and fruit! But she took each meal plan and each change with grace, knowing that the true secret to a beautiful presentation on stage lay in the eating!

Melvette is now five weeks out from her show and she looks AMAZING! She is not the same woman I met five months ago! She has blossomed from a shy and withdrawn woman who lacked confidence into a radiant, confident, excited person who feels strong, beautiful, and elegant . . . all of which shows in the glow on her face and the strut in her stage walk!

Melvette is an inspiration to me and to others around her, as she is walking proof that we can achieve what we believe as long as we are willing to sacrifice and work hard for it! I am totally proud of her, and I am honoured to be her trainer!


Melvette Before


Melvette After