Bridal bene-fit

Submitted by: Amanda Dale

Lilly's Success Story

My bene-fit was twofold – I wanted to look my best on my wedding day but also amp up my workout routine to start seeing some significant changes. When I first met Amanda I was skeptical about the once-weekly workouts and weekly “dietary challenges” as I wasn’t sure they would provide the changes I wanted as quickly as I wanted them. However, by sticking to our weekly plans and learning to eat better, I started to see a real transformation. I was getting stronger, eating more healthfully, and running faster each week.

I had those moments of “I can’t do this” or “I am not a runner.” But Amanda pushed and encouraged me while gently introducing me to new exercises and workout styles. She listened when I was having a bad week and would not let me give up. Most importantly, she did not set me up for failure. I have never felt so accomplished!

After starting the bene-fit program, I completed two 5k races and improved my finish time in each one. My clothes started to feel loose, and in fact, I dropped a full dress size! On my wedding day I could see the muscle definition I had always dreamed of having in my photos. My hard work paid off and will continue thanks to bene-fit. The best part about it is that even after my wedding day, I am still motivated to keep going and set new and different goals – like running a 10k! I continue to find my bene-fit each week and look forward to reaching even more goals with the program.


Lilly After