Brendan Ozanne- Active level

Submitted by: EZIA Athletic Club

Brendan's Success Story

Today I have Brendan Ozanne coming in, he is a fantastic guy with a lot of heart. He is attempting to test out of the Active Level (Blue) and into the Amateur Level (Red). It’s not an easy test, but he has been training hard for the past two and a half years to get to this fitness level in the EZIA program.
Brendan works really hard at the Human Performance Lab training religiously 2-3 days a week in our 30 in 90 day Program. He was a collegiate soccer player, and about 5 years ago, his family started to give him a hard time about getting out of shape.
He reversed that curse with EZIA, and says that “after training, it clears my head, work as a lawyer is more productive, my wife likes me a lot better and the kids don’t make fun of me for being out of shape anymore. The thing I like about EZIA is they are able to custom tailor my workouts, they do not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to training. Everyone does different things and the coaches accommodate your ability level. The people at EZIA are what makes this program special. The workouts speak for themself, but it’s the people that make it fun and keep you coming back for more. I would tell anybody that its life changing. For a video of his testimonial copy and paste the following link.


Brendan Before


Brendan After