Breanna's First Half Marathon

Submitted by: Andrea Magness

Breanna's Success Story

I decided to start training for a half marathon after hear several people talking about them. I figured how hard could it be to run 13.1 miles. I made it my goal to finish a half marathon this summer and called up my trainer Andrea Magness. From the very start of my training she assured me that I could do this race. I was a little nervous since having three ankle surgeries and the fact that I use to hate to run. She put together a training plan for me that include 5 days of running with 2 days of strength training worked into those 5 and 2 days of rest. It was very different to get use to running at a slower pace and for a longer distance than the short sprints I was use to in basketball.
My training started in March and the end day was July 21 for my half marathon at the Big Sky State Games. The first week of running without stopping for 45 minutes was tough to wrap my head around the fact that I could set the pace and just need to keep moving. As the weeks went on I became very use to the routine of running 6 miles 4 times a week and then my long run which changed every 2 weeks. I never realized how much time it takes to train for a half marathon and it really helped me to balance everything in my life while feeling like I would be ready by July.
Andrea talked with me about hydrating and what types of food to eat before a run and after. She did not set me up on a specific food plan but gave me several helpful bits of information on what types of food my body will need with these types of workouts. I did a class at my gym called kettle bells that was considered my strength training and also had a good bit of cardio involved. I think that helped my training a lot by being able to work every muscle in my body in 45 minutes with the help of a class that kept my heart rate up.
As the weeks went on I felt more and more confident that I could really do a good run at my race. I did a 5K with Andrea and my mom that showed me how races are and what to expect on race day to prepare from the night before to right before the gun goes off. I also did a fun run the week before my half marathon called the Dirty Dash.
I juggled running outside and inside on a treadmill depending on the weather. On the cool days I enjoyed running a 1.5 lap around a lake by my house which seemed to make it go by fast with the scenery and my dog to help me keep going. The long runs I could really feel by the end how much it takes out of your body to do a 10mile, 11mile, and the 12 mile was a struggle mostly mentally. I would have never realized how much of a mental game running really is, it takes everything you have to tell your mind that I know my legs can get me there.
The week of the race I felt nervous but ready to get out there and put all my hard work on the asphalt and run my race. I did my 2 short 3 miles runs that week and it felt good to run a shorter distance and relax for the big race. The morning of the race I went through the routine that Andrea set me up on but I could help the butterflies in my stomach. We arrived at the race site and I knew there was no time to be nervous now.
With my husband and my parents there I lined up on the start line took a deep breath and the gun went off and there I started to run. I started at my pace not letting how fast people were running affect my game plan. It was along the Yellowstone River so it was a nice view for the long 13.1 miles. I felt really good up until mile 8 when my mine started to take over and I was reconsidering how smart of an idea this race was. I just kept my head up and slowed my pace and knew if I just kept going I would be ok. I made it to a little past mile 12 and knew I had a little bit of a kick left in me. I sprinted through the finish line and was mentally and physically exhausted. I finished with a time of 2 hours 20 minutes and placed 3rd in my age division. I was very proud of my accomplishment and my trainer Andrea helped me a lot to know I could finish this race. She was a great coach and mentor I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to run a half marathon or any type of a race or simply as a trainer.

Breanna Rolandson