Breaking Through the Plateau

Submitted by: Wendi Hodgen

B.M.'s Success Story

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Wendi Hodgen. She is one of those people who really want you to achieve success in reaching personal goals. I really enjoy her ability to motivate and coach. Wendi is a creative personal trainer who really listens to what you are trying to achieve.” –B.M.

When this client came to me, she was at a weight loss plateau. She was training for a marathon with her son. After discussing her exercise and eating habits (which were great) I decided Tabata training would be the best way to break through her plateau. Within a few weeks her co-workers were asking if she had lost weight and she was able to fit in clothes she hadn’t been able to wear for a long time.
I am very proud of her because she did the work. Each week I would give her an “assignment”. Between our weekly sessions I would touch base with her a couple of times. She was progressing quickly and loved the Tabata training. I am happy that she enjoyed the workouts because that is what will keeps our clients interested and consistent.