Brandi's Simple Exchange

Submitted by: Carrie Harper

Brandi's Success Story

Where would you be in 5 months if you started today?

Brandi approached me 5 months ago with this scenario:

"I work full days, with no time off. I drive an ambulance. I have NO time to do anything else. So, I get fast food. What should I do?"

The answer: drive that life-machine with the best nutrition for the driver possible. Just drink a Shakeology instead of grabbing McDonald’s.

5 months later, this is the SAME lady. No retouching. No filters. Brandi decided to drink her Shakeology instead of grabbing fast food. And THAT is the difference. Shakeology:

70+super foods
high fiber
natural proteins
complete nutrition
What an amazing difference. I’m so proud of VIP Brandi. What about YOU? What could YOU do with a simple exchange?


Brandi Before