Brain Tumor

Submitted by: Wendy Williamson

Joe's Success Story

In 2006 I had surgery for a brain tumor that left me impaired on my right side. I had always been involved in various sports activities throughout my life: water and snow skiing; sailing; tennis; hunting; and especially squash which I had played at a nationally competitive level. When I was finished with the post-operative rehabilitation which was primarily concerned with being able to take care of myself I recognized that I had to have someone to take me to the highest possible state of recovery.

A number of people recommended Wendy so I contracted with her to take me to a level of activity that I really thought was impossible. Now at 80 I have progressed from a wheelchair to walking with a cane, and with an upper body strength that is better than any time in my life. I may not ever play squash again, but my mental attitude is also stronger thanks to Wendy’s perseverance and knowledge.