Boot Camp / Personal Training

Submitted by: Joel Stempien

Deena's Success Story

I was left with a lot of extra weight after having my children and tried diet after diet, exercised endlessly with little or no result. I started to think I would just have to live with the extra weight gain and was devastated. I turned to Joel who was just starting out with his boot camps at Get Some Fitness. I saw results almost i...mmediately. Within the first month I lost 20lbs and was fitting into all of my clothes better. I ultimately went from a size 14 to an 8 and am still losing. Joel made all of my weight loss dreams come true. He helped me attain my goals and encouraged me to set new goals that I would have never even dreamed of setting. Thank you Joel for giving me the guidance and tools to better myself and changing my outlook on life!


Deena Before


Deena After